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Dear Community, We are excited to announce a new initiative to support and extend Openblocks, which unfortunately has been abandoned by its original team.

Openblocks has been a critical part of many of our workflows, and we believe it's essential to keep it alive and thriving.We have come together out of a shared passion for the project and a commitment to providing a toolchain that allows you to create apps blazingly fast using a simple, intuitive UI.

We are dedicated to continuing the project's legacy under a new name, Lowcoder.

To provide continuous support to all members of the community, we have decided to form two individual teams: will remain fully open source, accessible to all, and free from any restrictions or limitations. As part of our commitment to the community, we will take over all maintenance, bug fixes, and feature development. We plan to prioritize stability and reliability while also introducing new features and enhancements to keep pace with evolving technology. We will maintain open communication channels, seek feedback, and actively engage with users and contributors to ensure that Lowcoder remains relevant and useful to all. We will be transparent about our development roadmap, progress, and any challenges that arise. will actively develop and maintain the enterprise version and provide a managed cloud offering at using both the latest version and the proprietary Enterprise version.

We - the two teams will collaborate and support each other, focusing on a long-term partnership to ensure a healthy product and community.

We invite all members of the community to join us on this journey. Whether you are a user, contributor, or enterprise customer, your input and support are critical to the success of Lowcoder. Let's work together to keep this project alive and thriving for many years to come.

01.05.2023 - Sincerely, The Lowcoder Teams

From all earnings that we at generate, we will keep 10% as reserved Fund for the initial Openblocks Team, so they will be able to participate form the possible future of their Project.

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