Abilities of the Lowcoder Platform

We're excited to introduce our Lowcode Opensource Project, which boasts a range of truly exceptional and unique features. However, we believe in a balanced approach. Our focus isn't on chasing the sheer quantity of features; instead, we're committed to optimizing usability and driving tangible value for our users. By carefully refining the user experience and emphasizing practical benefits, we empower our users to elevate their business endeavors. Our mission is to provide a sophisticated yet accessible platform that aligns with the diverse needs of our users, fostering their success in the business landscape.

True responsive layouts without additional effort

Crafting responsive app views has long been a challenge, often marred by cumbersome solutions on various platforms.

Recognizing this, Lowcoder introduces an elegantly practical solution: a user-friendly component that empowers individuals to effortlessly define their own responsive application layouts with just a few clicks. Unlike many alternatives that tend to be convoluted, this approach simplifies the process dramatically. Users can now tailor their application's layout to adapt seamlessly across devices without delving into complex coding or intricate design work.

This hands-on and intuitive approach not only saves time but also opens the doors for developers to create user-centric interfaces that thrive across the diverse landscape of digital platforms.

Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. All with one layout.

Faster App Development
by many automations in Lowcoder

A truly practical feature is the nearly automatic generation of visual App Components like Tables and Forms. When coupled with Datasources featuring a structured Schema, such as SQL Databases, this integration streamlines application development. This functionality ensures that Tables, Forms, and other key visual components remain in sync with data structure changes, eliminating manual adjustments and reducing development time.

This practical approach empowers Application developers to rapidly build applications, focusing on refining functionality rather than spending excessive time on component creation and maintenance.

Self-Hosting & Scaling
for Enterprise and legal demands

Addressing the practical demands of diverse enterprises, our platform offers a pivotal feature: the capability to self-host.

This means that organizations can seamlessly set up and run our platform either within a single docker image or across a robust regional failover cluster. The self-hosting aspect is particularly valuable for businesses navigating stringent regulatory requirements and dynamic scaling needs.

Our adaptable solution caters to enterprises of all sizes, providing comprehensive support from small businesses to large corporations. Furthermore, our platform's installation infrastructure ensures a streamlined process, emphasizing practicality while accommodating a range of installation scenarios. This self-hosting option empowers businesses to retain control over their infrastructure, while our platform offers robust functionality and support to meet the unique needs of every enterprise.

We operate Lowcoder by ourselves (app.lowcoder.cloud) in an multi-region, failover installation, even independent from a particular cloud provider.

You can host Lowcoder on AWS, Azure, Google or other clouds. We offer Docker Compose, Helm-Charts and pure Docker Images installation scenarios.

Reusable Modules & embedding of Apps

Reusability of component-sets and layouts enhance development efficiency. By facilitating the rapid creation and maintenance of applications, it ensures a consistent user experience while streamlining the entire process. This practical approach saves time and effort, allowing you to focus on refining functionality and meeting specific user needs.

The standout feature lies our Modules, which you can seamlessly integrate into any Web Application. This enables you to craft Applications not limited to internal usage but expandable to integration within CMS, CRM, and various other Web-Based Systems. This level of versatility even extends to native mobile applications, making Lowcoder a truly unique solution that opens doors to multifaceted development opportunities.

More Features and Solutions...

With Lowcoder at the helm, the realm of possibilities is vast and unparalleled. While our primary features set the industry standard, it's the intricate details that truly set us apart. Delve deeper, and you'll uncover hundreds of meticulously designed features, each engineered to optimize and streamline your operations. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. We're proud to present a compendium of solutions, numbering in the millions, each tailored to address specific challenges and scenarios that managers like you face daily. And to give you a taste of Lowcoder's unmatched versatility, we've handpicked and showcased some of these solutions right here. Equip your team with Lowcoder, and empower them with a tool where the only limit is imagination.

THIS is an native embedded Lowcoder App!